Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Cookbook Comeback

I’ve made it my life’s work to help people make positive changes in their life. Whether it’s a simple change like learning how whip up a healthy breakfast or a more monumental change like overcoming obesity through the Weight Watchers program, I’m blessed to be a part of these people’s transformation. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone reach their goals and knowing I’m even a small part of it.

When it comes to myself, I’m no stranger to change—and I’ve been known to chase my dreams! That’s why I’m overjoyed to share with you the realization of one of my goals: I’m bringing my Lean & Luscious cookbook series back! I’ve wanted to resurrect Lean & Luscious for nearly 20 years, but for various reasons my best attempts never got off the ground. While I’m not one to take defeat lightly, it seemed something always got in my way or the timing was never right..

The tides changed in May of 2010 while I was guest speaking at a Women’s Empowerment event in Beckley, WV.  When I mentioned I was the author of Lean & Luscious cookbooks, a woman in the audience let out a little scream of acknowledgement—and after the meeting she told me that the Lean & Luscious cookbooks were her most favorite. I was elated! I was so proud that after all of these years my books continued to hold a special place with readers. Energized by this encounter, I decided to give the cookbook comeback another go. 


I feel that now is a marvelous time to bring Lean & Luscious back. Did you know that in the U.S., cookbooks have become number one in libraries, even ahead of fiction? This thrills me, not only because I’m planning to republish my books, but because a cookbook can do so much to inspire a healthy life—and that’s what Lean & Luscious is all about. I’ll reach a brand-new audience of families hungry for the easy recipes as well as the insight provided by the Lean & Luscious lifestyle. For the people familiar with the series, the updated books will give them more of what they love.

Here are some comments that readers have shared about my Lean & Luscious Cookbooks.


Much has changed in the world of food and nutrition since I originally published the Lean & Luscious cookbooks. We have a greater overall understanding of food’s significant role in maintaining a healthy body. We understand ingredients and how they interact better. We also know more about why plant eating is so healthy and why it’s important to start eating animals that also are raised eating well. Still, more people than ever struggle with out-of-control eating habits and need the tools to succeed. I believe Lean & Luscious can help make a difference.

After all, I’ve always said the Lean & Luscious cookbooks provided a roadmap to healthy eating. The terrain may have changed a little in the past 20 years, but people are still searching for ways to improve their health and that of their families. The updated Lean & Luscious titles are filled with recipes designed to nourish us from the inside out, with meal ideas, exciting food combinations, and healthy ways to prepare your favorite dishes. You can consider them your roadmaps for the kitchen of today! I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep posting easy, fun, healthy and delicious recipes to Lean & Luscious Corner.


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