Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Lean & Luscious Philosophy

As a child, I struggled with my weight. Kids called me “Atom Bomb.” It’s no wonder I ate too much food and had very little self-esteem. After years of feeling bad about myself, I eventually became determined to take control of my life and my relationship with food. The moment came when the pain to stay the same was greater than the pain to change—I was ready for a breakthrough. But like most people standing at the precipice of change, I needed support. 


I discovered with good information about healthy food choices, strategies to face challenges head-on, terrific support and a little fun (yes, fun!), we can reach our goals and improve our quality of life. As I like to say, it’s magical, but it’s not magic!


My “Lean & Luscious” philosophy, in fact, is based on the premise that eating well can be an easy and enjoyable part of a busy life. All it takes is a little planning and a commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Still, I’m seeing that busy people tend to cook less and feed their families by picking up food from a drive-through window. For as much as we seem to know about low-fat foods and the merits of exercise, Americans—including our children—are getting heavier and suffering from more lifestyle-related illnesses every year.

This is what keeps me motivated to extend my mission beyond my work with Weight Watchers. I penned the Lean & Luscious Cookbook series and opened three restaurants, The Shape Shops, in West Virginia that make choosing delicious yet healthy-portioned meals and snacks easy. And now, through my blog, I hope to help people around the country make better choices, get more activity into their lives, and show more support and love for one another.

I’m so glad you’ve visited my Lean & Luscious Corner and read this blog post…because you’re making it all worthwhile!  And if you like Lean & Luscious Corner, please tell your friends!


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