Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Party

Entertaining can be fun, and the food can be both delicious and healthy. Yes, there is a cocktail party life on a healthful eating plan! Here are some hints that will help you throw a fun and healthy holiday party.

1) Appetizers set the tone for the rest of the meal. They should be light and whet the appetite, rather than fill your guests up. 

2) Try to keep the fat content as low as possible in your dips and spreads. Try using only lowfat and nonfat dairy products. 

3) To add variety to any meal, serve several different vegetables and/or salads. 

4) Fill the room with low-fat munchies instead of nuts and potato chips. 

5) When serving vegetables, make large quantities rather than skimpy ones. 

6) Accept compliments with a gracious “thank you” instead of “thank you, but can you tell it’s a diet recipe?” 

7) Water, served in a pretty glass with a twist of lemon, makes a good beverage choice. 

8) For an alcoholic beverage that is on the light side, try a wine spritzer. (Half white wine and half club soda with a twist of lemon or lime.) 

9) For a sweet after-dinner touch, serve a flavored coffee or non-dairy creamer. 

 For more entertaining tips see my past blog post--12 Ideas for Entertaining!


  1. Great tips! I'm a big fan of water with a little lemon in it. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday