Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome to Lean & Luscious Corner!

Welcome to Lean & Luscious Corner—Our Place to Meet, Share, Care, and Inspire

I am delighted to welcome you to Lean & Luscious Corner! What a wonderful way to share with you my passion for helping people embrace the possibilities of eating healthfully and taking control of their lives.

There’s no greater reward than knowing I’ve played a part in someone’s journey toward greater health—learning to be kind to themselves; experiencing the joy that comes along with a fuller, more active life; and, of course, enjoying tasty, satisfying good-for-you food with their families!  

When I started my own journey toward living a healthy lifestyle, tackling my food issues and learning to love myself, I didn’t have the Internet as a resource. But today, I can get online to support people as they explore a new, healthier way to eat. Plus, it’s a fun new way for me to spread my wings, too: I’m an Area Director of Weight Watchers, a public speaker, a restaurateur, an author of the Lean & Luscious Cookbook series, and a women’s health activist, and now—a blogger in the great big world of the Internet! I love the sound of that.

After all, I’m always thinking of the next thing to do to make someone’s life easier, and there are so many things I want to tell the world about creating a healthy life! In my work as a Weight Watchers franchisee and owner of The Shape Shop restaurants in West Virginia, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting new people every day. But with so many of us turning to the web for information about healthy eating, is there a better place than the Internet to make new friends and extend my mission to help people? 


So many of you are looking up low-fat recipes, searching for health tips and participating in food-focused online communities in an effort to feel good and share our stories. I want to be a part of the conversation, and I want us to take our journey toward a healthy lifestyle together. I hope to bring you information, inspiration, and motivation—but I want to learn from you too! We have a tremendous capacity to help one another.

Just as my Lean & Luscious Cookbook series provides a roadmap to a life of delicious, good-for-you eating the whole family can enjoy, my vision for the Lean & Luscious Corner blog is that it helps you pick up the tools and motivation you need to change. My hope is that you’ll share these insights with your entire family, so you can learn and grow together. Think of Lean & Luscious Corner as a cozy spot on the web where you’re always welcome. I look forward to building a safe, kind, and inspiring community where we can share our ideas and successes...and celebrate a lean and luscious life!  

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