Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Quest for the Perfect Recipe

I love finding a delicious new recipe, don’t you? Before I even head into the kitchen, I have fun anticipating the end result. I imagine the ingredients blending together, the distinctive aroma they create, the taste and feel of the food in my mouth, and of course, the warm feeling inside knowing I’ve fed my body and soul with a healthy meal.

For me, great recipes are about more than the food. They give me a chance to play! That’s why I love cookbooks. Thumbing through a new cookbook—or revisiting an old one—has always been a ritual for me. I mark recipes I want to try or share with my family and friends, and I think of ways to add my own personal twist on a recipe. Page after page of inspiration, a cookbook is a place to escape and get my creative juices flowing.

I’m clearly not alone in my love for cookbooks. In the U.S., cookbooks have become number one in libraries, even ahead of fiction. This thrills me, not only because I’m planning on republishing my series of Lean & Luscious cookbooks, but because a cookbook can do so much to inspire a healthy life.

Each recipe can be a roadmap to healthy eating—and can even be a roadmap through your own kitchen! There’s always something new to learn in a cookbook: new meal ideas, exciting new food combinations, and new ways to prepare your favorite dishes.

I think cookbooks are more relevant today than ever. Much has changed in the world of food and nutrition since I originally published the Lean & Luscious cookbooks. We have a greater overall understanding of food’s significant role in maintaining a healthy body. We understand ingredients and how they interact better. We also know more about why plant eating is so healthy and why it’s important to start eating animals that also are raised eating well. Today’s cookbooks, including my updated Lean & Luscious titles, are filled with recipes designed to nourish us from the inside out.

If you know anything about me, you know my recipe for a healthy lifestyle: love and respect yourself, eat smart, and be kind to everyone you meet. When it comes to eating smart, a good cookbook can show you the way! So go and grab yourself a cookbook, head into the kitchen and explore. Try out a new recipe and engage your senses. And remember, one taste is worth a thousand words—so tell me about it!

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