Thursday, August 2, 2012

Laugh Your Way to Better Health!

I always wanted to be a comedian. I’m a very funny person! Finding the humorous side of life and making people laugh—I absolutely love it. Well, a funny thing happened on my way to a life in comedy: I found Weight Watchers.

My humor has been a key ingredient in my success inspiring people to be their best. Drawing a crowd, sharing my story with people, getting them to open up. I just have that ability to talk about the things I talk about in a very funny way. It helps people feel more understood and not so hard on themselves. When you can laugh at yourself you feel better about taking the next step. That’s part of my purpose.

The transformation that happens when you change your life—the kind of change that takes you from being overweight and unhealthy to fit, trim, and feeling fully alive—is serious business. You’ve got to learn new skills, establish new habits, and many times confront some emotional pain. It takes commitment, time, and effort. For as tough as it can be, sometimes it’s just darn funny and you’ve got to laugh. Laugh at yourself, at the process, or whatever tickles your funny bone and makes it easier to move on.

Change doesn’t have to be painful, and finding the humor in it can be refreshing. This is what I tap into when I’m leading meetings. I believe that when you laugh, you loosen up so you’re more open to loving yourself and accepting that you can achieve your goals. You might have a challenge in front of you, but there’s a way to get healthy and enjoy the process.

Laughter can’t take away your hardships, of course, but it can lighten the load, especially when you’re with other people who are going through the same transformation. A shared laugh can be so liberating! It says, “Yes! You understand what I’m going through—and we can have some fun with it together!” One of my favorite things about running Weight Watchers meetings is seeing people connect (and laugh!) over their common experiences.

One of my mottos is “if you work hard, you’re going to make it at something.” I may have wanted a life in comedy, but for me, that “something” was Weight Watchers. I think that to a large degree, Weight Watchers has shown me to be a storyteller, to fulfill my need to be a comedian. My love for comedy didn’t go away just because I became a Weight Watchers franchisor—it blossomed! Who knew making people laugh would go hand-and-hand with helping them be their best?

Humor me—share how a little laughter has gone a long way in your life!

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