Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 Ideas for Children's Lunches

1.    Pack a whole grain muffin in place of a cupcake. 

2.    Save the small containers from low-fat yogurt.  They can be used for packing items such    as fruit salad or cottage cheese and then discarded. 

3.    Let the children help pack their favorite items in the containers. 

4.    Help children to cut and wrap their own fresh fruits and vegetables.  They will be more likely to eat them if they do. 

5.    Vary the fillings in children's sandwiches.  Try peanut butter with raisins, bananas, or chopped apples for a change. 

6.    For children who resist whole wheat bread, make a sandwich with one slice each of white and whole wheat bread and call it a "special" sandwich. 

7.    For variation, make sandwiches on whole grain muffins instead of bread. 

8.    Pack fresh or dried fruit for dessert.  It’s sweet and it’s healthful. 

9.    Buy whole wheat pretzels instead of fat-laden potato chips or taco chips. 

10. Core an apple and fill the center with peanut butter.  It makes a wonderful lunch box treat.

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