Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tips for Creating a Lean Kitchen

Today's post is written by Lori Brock from Brock Design Group. She gives us some great tips on how to keep your kitchen "lean" when dieting. 

Organizing the kitchen for weight loss is something I have personally done. Even though I have a large family, I was still able to “lean clean” my kitchen to a great degree, getting rid of the high fat, high sugar foods. 

There were a few items that my husband “needs”, so the snack foods were placed either very high in the pantry (he is quite tall), or extremely low. If you have to really dig to the back of a really low cabinet to get to the snacks in a weak moment, it helps keep the cravings at bay. Putting fruit on the counter and keeping cut carrots and celery in a bowl filled with water (keeps them very crisp) in the fridge is a great way to always have the healthier foods right at eye level and within reach. I also keep a cinnamon spice candle burning, which for some reason, helps me stay away from the pantry if I happen to be working at home.

Lastly, when I am tired, I eat. If I have lots of light in my kitchen, I tend to be less apt to grab the foods that I need to stay away from.

My two cents, Lori


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    1. Thanks for visiting Heidi! I would love to share some lean tips on your blog.