Thursday, March 28, 2013

8 Sauce Enhancers

Sauces can enhance even the simplest of foods. But all too often, these tasty additions add lots of unwanted calories and fat. Not so if you follow a few easy rules.

1.    Use low-sodium broth or reduced-sodium soy sauce as a base for sauces and marinades.

2.    Add spices to salt-free tomato sauce to create fat-free sauces for chicken and fish.

3.    Combine nonfat yogurt with herbs and spoon over cooked vegetables.

4.    Use plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream to top baked potatoes.

5.    Top angel food cake and pancakes with fruit toppings.

6.    Combine nonfat yogurt with fruit to make creamy sauces to top desserts.

7.    Use evaporated skim milk to replace cream in cream sauces.


  1. I love to top pancakes with 1/2 cup of fruit, heated in the microwave with a little water. It makes a perfect syrup :-)

    1. That sounds so good! Oh and healthy!

    2. I do the same thing for pancakes!! lOVE IT!

  2. Great tips!!! I have recently switched to making almost EVERYTHING myself...including bread! I am hosting a hop tomorrow at and the link is already up! Swing by if you can!!