Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The almond extract makes this fat-free candy taste a lot like the real stuff.

Makes 4 candies
⅓     cup nonfat dry milk
1      tablespoon plus
1      teaspoon sugar
1½   teaspoons water
¼     teaspoon almond extract
¼     teaspoon vanilla extract
2     drops food color, any color (optional)

Gather your ingredients.

In a small bowl, combine all ingredients.

Mix until all ingredients are moistened.

Divide mixture evenly and shape into 4 balls. Place on a wax paper-lined plate.

Cover and chill. Serve cold.

Each Candy Provides 
Calories 53
Total Fat 0.1g
Cholesterol 2mg
Sodium 54mg
Total Carbohydrate 9.3g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Protein 3.6g

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