Thursday, November 29, 2012


Obeso-what? The Time to Embrace a Lean & Luscious Lifestyle is Now! Have you heard the word obesogenic? It’s a word that wasn’t even in the dictionary until recently. It refers to conditions that lead people to become excessively fat, like eating too much of the wrong things and not getting enough exercise. I hope you agree with me that it’s a terrible word—a word that doesn’t belong in our vocabulary. I have too much faith in our ability to choose health over bad habits to believe that we need a word like obesogenic to describe anything in our lives.

The crisis of obesity in this country—and all of the health conditions associated with it, including heart disease and diabetes—make it necessary for a word like obesogenic to exist. I want to fight this. Something close to my heart is the terrible state of health in West Virginia. It has been a driving force behind my dedication to republishing the Lean & Luscious books and continuing my work with Weight Watchers and The Shape Shops

I encourage you to take a look at the blog article I wrote in May Leadership Needed? Look No Further explaining why I’m so passionate about helping people learn how to create healthier lifestyles. There’s no better time than now to get on a healthy track, especially with words like obesogenics popping up in our lexicon. 

Now is the time to “just say no” to all things obesogenic! Will you join me? 

Attending support groups and arming ourselves with quality books containing easy to prepare recipes are two great ways to stay motivated. It’s fun to learn how to prepare and enjoy healthy, delicious foods, and it sure helps us manage our weight naturally. By embracing all that it means to lead a Lean & Luscious lifestyle, we gain strength and belief in ourselves to make changes that work, one meal or one day at a time.
If our choices reflect the antidote to becoming excessively fat, we’re on the path to success. That’s what’s going to eradicate the word obesogenic from our vocabulary. Let’s work together, as individuals in a united front, to fight against all things obesogenic and improve the quality of our lives for generations to come!

There is so much we can do to fight obesity. We have the power to change our habits and keep our bodies, families, and communities healthy. Even still, I know all too well how difficult it can be to make the right choices. Every day we face temptation at the office, in the gas station mini mart, and sitting in a favorite restaurant. Everywhere we go there are things to eat and it’s easy to allow our desire to dive in and overindulge get the best of us. That’s why we need a plan to deal with our surroundings—it takes much more than willpower to make it through!

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