Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 Lean and Luscious Dressings and Sauces

Sauces and dressings can enhance even the simplest of foods. But all too often, these tasty additions add lots of unwanted calories and fat. Not for my recipes! Here are 5 of my Lean & Luscious sauces and dressings.

1. Herbed Yogurt Dressing: Nonfat yogurt makes a delicious, creamy base for salad dressings. Be creative and vary the herbs and spices, and you can create lots of different flavor combinations.

2. Dijon Vinaigrette:Try this tangy dressing on steamed broccoli or asparagus as well as on a tossed salad.

 3. Quick 'N' Chunky Tomato Sauce: Canned stewed tomatoes form the base for this tangy sauce. Throw in a little wine and a few spices, cook the pasta, and dinner is ready. 

4. Hot Fudge Sauce: A practically fat-free hot fudge sauce? Fantastic! Spoon over low-fat ice cream or use as a luscious fondue for dipping fresh fruit.

5. Chili Orange BBQ Sauce: This is a perfect sauce to brush on chicken or meat while broiling or grilling.

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  1. These look absolutely yummy! They are going on my Pinterest board for future reference! I especially love the sound of the Chili Orange Sauce and the Quick Tomato Sauce. Thanks for sharing! Found you via LOBS.

    1. Thanks Kim! They sure are delicious! My whole family loves them.